Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life After Olmec

No other show captivated me with its large stone head, use of Aquasox, and history lessons quite like Legends of the Hidden Temple. I may or may not have required Nick GAS be in my cable plan just so I could relive the pre-teens' endless struggle in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Though the perpetual failure of the Purple Parrots and the never-ending fear the temple guards manage stir in me is still present in syndication, I've long wondered what became of the show's animate host, Kirk Fogg who swung into each episode with such fervor and grace.

And now I know. Though with slightly less hair and slightly more facial pudge, there's no doubt that Mr. Fogg (which I can only assume is his real name) is the new face of the Arby's Roast Burger.

For that, good sir, you get a half pendant of life.

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