Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fashion Weak: Socks and Scandals

I have never hidden my detestation of Chloe Sevigny (whose umlaut I've omitted because a) it's obnoxious and b) I don't know how to type it into this trusty blogger format without the assistance of Microsoft Word's "Insert Symbol" feature). Not only do I not understand how one film role and one TV role are enough to sustain such a level of fame, I also do not understand why Vogue continues to worship the ground she walks on monthly, especially when she's walking in these bad boys...

No, your eyes are not deceiving you; that would be the "it" girl herself stomping around Coachella Music Festival in white ankle socks and brown Teva-like sandals, something most people over the age of seven consider a crime against humanity only their fathers would commit or an attempt form the Orthodox Jewish community to participate in summer fashion. But what could make this worse?

Black socks. I fear (slash secretly hope) that we'll next see her sporting a fanny pack around that floral dress and
croakies attached to her Ray-Bans.

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  1. NO. Chloƫ Sevigny is amazing. Case in point: Big Love. As for her fashions, well sure, she's eccentric (a friend of mine was in a movie with her and they just used her wardrobe the whole time and it was actually pretty cute) but hey, she's pushing the envelope a little bit.

    Lets just say that socks with sandals (ew, i know) in this case are her version of sweatpants etc.

    Oh, and I can teach you how to add the umlat. It's pretty simple.