Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An L7 Weenie... Oscar Mayer Even

While Smalls might have been the metaphorical killer in The Sandlot, another player on the team has turned out to be far more violent than even The Beast himself. And shockingly, it's not Squints.

Marty York, who played Alan McClennan, better known as Yeah-Yeah, was charged with one count of felony domestic battery after an incident with his girlfriend that took place on Easter Sunday.

Though Mr. York claims he hit his ladyfriend in self defense while trying to drive home from a nightclub (which is my favorite place to celebrate Christ's rising, too), the couple is apparently back together post bust.

Well, obviously. Abuse withstanding, who could say no to those perfectly coiffed eyebrows and gel-defined widow's peak? I personally can't wait to see him in My New Fuckin' Haircut: Uncensored Prison Edition. HAWWWWWWWTTTTTTT!

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