Monday, June 1, 2009

Someone's Been Following in Jimmy Dugan's Footsteps

And not necessarily in his sage advice to avoid the clap.
Lori Petty, better known as A League of Their Own's Kit Keller or the whale whisperer in Free Willy, has obviously been hitting the bottle since rocketing into mid 90s, family film superstardom. On Saturday night, the now 45-year-old actress was arrested on felony drunk driving charges after hitting a 14-year-old skateboarder in Venice.

Clearly, the former Rockford Peach lost her touch with adolescent males and presumably, sea creatures.

Petty was booked at Van Nuys jail, but eventually released on $100,000 bail. I'm going to go ahead and assume she's been dipping into Keiko's memorial fund because honestly, where the eff would she come up with that kind of money?

Seriously, Kit... lay off the high ones.

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