Friday, February 6, 2009

Gone Viral: Donnie Dubbs, You'll Be My American Boy

Since most F-list celebrities take to the pages of the World Wide Web to clear up any rumors floating around in their direction, I expected a New Kids on the Blog update today in response to the completely shocking accusation from The National Inquirer that Jonathan Knight, the non-meth face of "the other two" members of NKOTB. Alas, this issue was not addressed, but just when I thought Kanye West's book deal would mean the internets would be dealing with exclamation point withdrawal, Donnie Wahlberg, aka "the bad boy" took to the boy band's blog to mollify my fears.

Hey All….

Canada? NUTS!


The UK and Europe? INSANE!

The US and Canada again???


Is your head really screwed on straight???

Is your mind really right?????

Are you absolutely sure you want to do it again??

Cuz guess what?

I AM READY!!!!!!

I am more than ready!!!!!

I was ready the day we stopped.

Here’s the thing….

We had so much fun….

Can we have more?

We let ourselves go….

Can we go further?

We pushed it to the limit….

Can we push it harder?

We got crazy…

Can we really get any crazier???????

HELL YEAH WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

This is your time!!!!!!

This is our time!!!!!!

It only gets better!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t even type no more…..

It’s 4 am in Amsterdam and I gotta go for a run in the sub-zero temperatures to cool off!!!!!

It’s about to get real crazy.

You’ve been warned.

Come ready or don’t come at all!!!!!!!

In 2009 we go harder.

There is too much to be down about in the world right now…..

Let’s laugh and sing and dance and hug and kiss and spread the love all the way through it!!!!

It’s our time.

Nuff said.

As Always Your Man-

Donnie W

PS- you ain’t get enough face time? You ain’t get any face time?

It’s 4AM- I don’t sleep.

Find me!!!!!


Who doesn't love a good extremely excitable short stanza post? Though I'm confused about who owns the time and what time it is-- and wish it was 2 in the morning ("Girl, whatchu wanna do?")-- I know the elder Wahlberg is the one who can fix all of the world's CRAAAAZZZZZYYYYY problems with a little laughter, song, embrace, smooch, and love. Yes, the fact that this entry was brought to us from Amsterdam is not non-noteworthy, but considering the former actor once told Crave Online, "It’s just my goal is not to be a superstar. My goal is to be super at what I do," I would say those exclamation points and the smiley face stickers of positive reinforcement he plans on giving out to fans mean the second leg of "The Block Tour" should be a crotch-grabbing, pendulum leg-swinging good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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