Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stalkward: You Bikini Model During a Foreign Sporting Event, You Learn

What's the best way to promote your memoir when you've already revealed your anger for the actor who played Joey Gladstone via song? Posing in a string bikini and sarong whilst casually taking in a game of the martial art slash dance sport of capoeira, of course. Thanks to my minimal knowledge of Portuguese via my minimal knowledge of Spanish, but primarily, the always trustworthy, I was able to extract some information from the article accompanying this confusing Alanis Morissette image. Here's what I found:

Already it knew the capoeira, but did not know that was a fight created by the old slaves", explained, enthusiastic. "I find that this country is one of the best places of the world for be itself all the planet finished. I love the passion of the Brazilians. They are present in everything and do not they have fear of be passionate ", assured she, that does not assume a relationship since 2006, with the end of the engagement with the actor Ryan Reynolds (32), that it changed for the actress Scarlett Johansson (24).

Ah, yes. The universality of this image. Who can't relate to sentiments of old slaves, planet finished, and getting dumped? Certainly not the Brazilians. When asked if she likes to sing in Brazil, Alanis replied:

"I worship. The public is freer. It is going to see me that, despite of will speak another one language, they know all the my music. The Brazilians sometimes to remember more of mine own compositions than I (laughters). That supply that music is a universal language. It see that they lend attention to what do I say, even in another one language, is a big present."

Big presents? You mean like that cross-eyed bear or movie theater BJ that you gave to me? I worship. (laughters)

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